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NAUGHTY Nut Butter - Almond • Cashew • Speculoos spices

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An healthy speculoos spread like no other! No added sugar, no palm oil. A creamy base of slightly roasted cashew nuts and almonds uplifted with speculoos spices and a hint of sea salt. Our cashew nuts & almonds are sourced from sustainable farming. 

Spread on a toast, mix it into your bowl of granola, top it on your fruits!

No added sugars • No palm oil • Gluten-free • No preservatives and conservatives


ALMOND* 49%, CASHEW* 49%, speculoos spices* (cinnamon, gloves, nutmeg, ginger, liquorice, aniseed)* 2%, Guérande salt . *Organic certified. May contain traces of other nuts, sesame, soy and mustard. GLUTEN FREE. 


Energy 583 kcal · 2424 kJ
Fats 48.5 g
of which saturated 6.1 g
Carbohydrates 16.8 g
of which sugars 4.8 g
Fibres 8.0 g
Proteins 19.8 g
Salt 0.14 g

Agriculture UE/Non-UE

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