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Inspiring you with daily bowls of goodness


Handbaked in Belgium in small batches in our atelier, GR’EAT granola follows a secret home recipe. A little hint: the pure maple syrup and coconut oil add sweetness and give a healthy crisp. Healthy food should come without any compromise on taste.
We hope you’ll savour it as much as we do!

We care about our planet! Therefore we only use organic ingredients, but also because it’s better for you! And our packaging is fully compostable.

Are your ready for #greatfast?

Rich in fiber ° high in protein ° whole-grain oats ° pure maple syrup


Hi, I am Amélie & passionate about healthy cooking.  It is in 2015 that the adventure of GR'EAT granola begins. Following a year spent abroad, I started making homemade granola for breakfast.

On returning, my recipe was received with great enthusiasm by my relatives, friends and then friends-of-friends, ... until your favourite store.

Perfect to kick off the day, as a snack, to sprinkle on your salad or dessert... Or just nibble it straight from the pack! For more #greatfast inspiration, jump to the Journal section.

Healthy meets Tasty!

            Margaux                                                                Amélie                                                                       

      Marketing & Sales                                                     Founder                                                    

 Favourite granola: GR'EAT Adventure                 Favourite #greatfast: GR'EAT ENERGY with Greek yoghurt & kiwi