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Hi, my name is Amélie,

I am the founder of GR’EAT Granola and would love to share with you how we got here today.

Here is how the GR’EAT story began…

Growing up in a family of five children, we shared many great moments around a healthy home-cooked meal. This was a time we would all come together, put our activities aside to share our latest adventures with one another.


*** Conscious eating  Well-being ***

Being raised in the countryside, I developed a deep connection with nature and a curiosity in how I could integrate homegrown ingredients into recipes. From there, I developed my conviction that eating healthy and environmentally consciously plays an important role in our well-being.

Going through my studies, I felt a growing desire to hold a truly meaningful and impactful job in the future, a job that was connected to nature and intended towards raising awareness.

While at university, I lived some time abroad. There, my desire for such job got amplified: I discovered new landscapes and local ingredients but noticed the culture around food consumption was detached from its very own environment: many products were GMO and off-season.


*** Healthy meets tasty ***

It is then, within my quest for tasty and healthy meals for my favourite time of the day, breakfast, that I started making my own granola. I truly believed that healthy meals can be delicious too and become a joy of sharing it with others. With this belief, I looked further into blogs and websites to find innovative ways to make wholesome and seasonal recipes within budget.


*** Reconnection with nature ***

About a year later, I set to travel again. This time, I went to a permaculture farm called Mundo Nuevo in Colombia. The experience was eye-opening and a catalyst in how I wished to share my inspiration with the outside world. The farm allowed me to reconnect with myself and with nature, I learned how to eat more consciously and in accordance with the land.

This was also the first time I made granola for a large group of people. On my final morning, with two friends, we gathered available ingredients and made a large amount of granola for the volunteers, enough to last a couple of days. The granola was met with such enthusiasm, they almost finished it all at once.

So, there I was, leaving Colombia with a heart full of inspiration and great enthusiasm for my granola. What now?


*** share awareness ***

Upon my return in September 2015, something was clear: I wished to share awareness on eating responsibly towards our planet and our own well-being, while keeping it delicious. So, I started my blog CELEBR’EAT with self-made recipes using organic and seasonal ingredients.

Feeling driven in this direction, I interned in an organic bakery while still making my own granola on the side. During evenings and weekends, the bakery allowed me to use their oven to bake the granola. After some time, I felt the desire to give my granola all the attention and turn it into a bigger project, so I left October the following year in the quest of creating my own start-up.


*** GR’EAT Timing ***

In a few days time, an organic store chain approached me. They wanted GR’EAT in their stores. From there, the snowball effect took place and by Christmas, I was requested in 15 stores. At the very same time, my mother’s garage became available. Things came together: I accepted to produce for the stores and in January I signed for the reconversion of my mother’s garage into a production workshop.

From there, demand and production increased, GR’EAT gained presence in more organic stores.

While at first I started to work with students in production, we gradually moved to an amazing full-time team of 7.

In this process of expansion, I wondered “what if people could eat granola around the clock?”. Sure, my granola was great for breakfast and a sweet touch on deserts, but I missed that crunchy side on my savoury meal. 


*** Granola around the clock***

When creating new recipes, I sensed a desire to reconcile the soft with the crunchy and to include stronger spices. I wanted to give my salads, soups and steam-cooked meals to have a crunchy edge.

This is when I created the savoury granola: a nice topping that completed any kind of meal and a great way to alter with bread.

Welcome to our GR’EAT website, I hope you will find all the information and feel inspired by my recipes.

Have a GR’EAT day,

Amélie and the team