SWEET SIX XMAS BOX - Taste all our 6 sweet flavours

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A beautifully wrapped xmas box, perfect to place under the tree for the granola lovers. Hop on the GR'EAT ride & enjoy the feast! There will be something for every taste. 


ADVANTAGE : You pay €6.00 instead of €6.25 per package 

  • 1 Energy

  • 1 Dream 

  • 1 Joy 

  • 1 Adventure 

  • 1 Power 

  • 1 Wonder

Beautifully wrapped in a gift box.

Agriculture EU/non-EU

Get your favourite granola between -

This might take a little bit longer due to new COVID measures in Belgium, but we're doing our best to get it to you in 1-2 days in BE and 2-3 days in EU ♡